Yes, the world is out to get you.

Tell us how.

Broadcast your anger.
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Some people say love is universal.


We say anger is.

So here you can share your anger with the world. Tell us why CloudXTifa fans are out of their minds. Elaborate on the obvious failings of your country's government. Nothing is too great or too small to rant.

Community rules:
1. Yes, there are rules. Tell us how they suck after you join.
2. We are proud supporters of free speech. However, we don't need your time and your hate crimes. Go ahead and post your opinions, but be prepared to deal with the backlash.
3. To the backlashers: It doesn't matter about the degree of offensiveness, explain your criticism. Arguing is great, but "You suck and your mother works on my street corner." is not a good argument.
4. Spelling is hard. I know. Please make at least an effort, though, to type in a way that won't send anyone off for the advil.

Thank you, that shall be all for now. Happy ranting.
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