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Valentine's Day

Posted by enthropicagony on 2006.02.12 at 23:59
Current Mood: rawr!
Grawr, Terrible Hallmark's Holiday. I'm pretty sure that back in the REAL St. Valentine's Day, he got her some flowers he picked up in the countryside, with a sappy, self-written poem inside. And he was so appreciated by this act that the girl said I love you and MEANT it. Then they had lotsa se><0rz, except that didn't happen, because St. Valentine, well, he's a Saint, And I'm sure they don't do such blasphemous evil things such as that. Anywho, nowadays, I can get some company on the Internet to deliver some flowers at the door, with my handy Hallmark card, with sentimalities of "I love yous" inside, the cliché chocolates included, at my Valentine's door. Where the hell has the REAL Valentine's Day gone!? All of the feelings have been sucked out of it. The worst offender is that stupid Charm's Diamond Centre commercial. "Ohh (guy's name here) makes me feel so special! He got me these nice diamonds, and he LOVES to surprise me! *Poor guy comes in, with 2 500 dollar rocks on earrings in each hand* I feel sorry for the poor dude... he's gotta go out and spend a fortune to make her feel special. Back in my day, we'd say a compliment and make our Valentine feel special. None of that materialistic crap of going out and buying some bling-bling. Ahh well, I guess I'm old fashioned.

Another thing is... the word love itself. I don't have a dictionary handy with me, but I don't think it's 'love' when some girl meets a guy, and starts dating him 3 days later, then he/she says... the L word. Hey, I'm guilty of it too, I've probly said it too much either, but love doesn't mean what it means anymore. I usually try to say it and mean it, but hey, I don't think my supposed 'love' of all-dressed chips(Haha I made a typo earlier and this said chicks.) quite comapres to other stuff.

And then in school... I rememebr back in Elementary, you were FORCED to give everyone a Valentine's card so that everyone felt included. Although sometimes you'd get things such as "Go eat dirt!" and other unflattering things written on them, or you could have been like me and said "There was only 20 cards in the pack". It was a pretty stupid activity that no one liked, but hey, it meant not doing work for 2 hours or whatever, so who's complaining? And here at Auburn, if someone isn't already depressed enough seeing all the couples, and lame Valentine activities, and maybe had their heart broken, the school will be generous enough to hand out Report Cards and give you a double-whammy right in the heart! Youch. Sure sounds like fun! Stupidest day in the world that's not beneficial to anyone, really.

church movies.

Posted by dragonmurderer on 2005.12.06 at 20:12

the passion of the christ, where did the idea for this come from?
mel gibson: wow, this book is big! what is it?
mel's agent: its.... the bible.....
mel gibson: wow, do alot of people read this book?
mel's agent: well, yes, its about the lord.
mel gibson: that sounds like a blockbuster, lets make a movie about it!

thus, it was born. what so bad about this? people believe in this figure as the ultimate force in the world. to some people it is why they live and love. so what do we do? we find a way to make money off of it. we chop up the bible and take out years and millions of words and the language to put forth a little disc. bullshit. and people are all like "well mel gibson donated the oney he made to charity" well whoop de frickin doo. it made like a hundred million dollars or some other insane amount of money, only a fraction of that goes to mel. what about the theatres? they get rich from fillin there seats. what about all those other characters? the people who made the sets? anyone who profited from this movie, cashing out SOMEONES RELIGION. i dont believe, but fuck people have some respect. and for the people who saw it, you all suck. for those who dont believe and dont share my veiws its fine in my eyes, just a fictional story. but for believers, it is the ultimate act of lazyness. "in stead of reading the bible, my love for the lord is so insubstantial ill just watch this movie" wtf?
i have not seen all of this movie, and i will more willingly watch all the chucky movies and slasher movies in the world back to back then watch this piece of shit dirty little movie.



Posted by dragonmurderer on 2005.11.23 at 18:34
i HATE women who use PMS as an excuse to be a total bitch.
everyone gets in a bad mood. i should know, i have them often, but when is the last time i really take it out on anyone? i mean i do it, like twice a year, which is good, im not perfect. but every month, it is not a free pass to be a total fucknut ass whipe. bad mood? i dont mind if you tell me to keep my distance, or you can learn to bite your tongue. i understand sudden mood swings, but fuck off. no one deserves to have you bite there head of for staying after school when you said it was okay to begin with.

there, done. enjoy.

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Posted by selica_rav on 2005.11.22 at 20:48
People who tell teens or kids that they won't end up doing any of the stuff they say they want to do.

That makes me so angry.

Angrier than just the regular irritation. What a dream-killer!! Do people take joy in crushing hope, happiness? Who the hell is anyone to decide what someone possibly can and can't do?! People can be so god-damned cynical, and they think that since they didn't get what they wanted in life, that they should go around speaking with authority saying that there's no point in even trying to do what you want.

WTF. What if some old guy had gone up to Shakespeare as a kid and said "Oh, Bill, give up you moron! You're a nobody, no one's going to ever want to read anything that you ever write, and if you try you're going to die of starvation from living as a complete failure of playwright!"?

It's even worse when someone does it who's not an adult. Like someone at the age of 12 whose spirit has already been broken and they KNOW that they'll never become more than a Wendy's worker and they tell everyone else that it's a waste to try.

Dammit, I HATE dream-crushers!



Posted by enthropicagony on 2005.11.20 at 16:14
Ok, so, my bathroom is considered like... the main bathroom of the house. My dad uses it too. Anywho, a while back he bought 5$ shampoo, and I used it a few times.
Couple days ago, I buy super sexy 15$ shampoo, and my dad's using it! ugh! he says it's payback! I love my shampoo, and theres not a lot of it, and it's going away fast. shiznit.
I have lame leg cramps today. And walking outside is COLD. =/ UNCOOL, yo.



Posted by enthropicagony on 2005.11.15 at 16:55
Current Mood: BITCHY.
I've had it with people bitching to me about skinniness. Yes, I know I'm skinny. No, i'm not anorexic. Yes, i'm a bit underweight. I mean, people blow a gasket when they hear I don't eat at lunch or anything... they're all like HUH WHAT!? And they look at me as if i'm Jesus reincarnated. What do you want me to do, walk on water? And then it just gets annoying to get lectured. Yes, I do eat. I eat muchly when I'm home. Like, a lot.
wee. It's fun talking with elseone that gets the same bitchiness. well... thats my rant on this poor, poor community that hardly gets any action. I hope someone'll see this and post!

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Posted by selica_rav on 2005.11.09 at 18:27

So there.

And I seem to be mentally incapable of putting it in a community the first time. Oops.*rages*

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Mod Post

Posted by selica_rav on 2005.11.01 at 22:50
At this point it seems like "chewing like a horse" has won the weekly piss-off competition.

So congratulations, haters of horse-chewing. Bask in your glory.

I'll get the banner made, unless someone else wants to.
No one? *sigh* Ok... I'll have it in a couple of days.

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Unleach the anger into a tiny circle.

Posted by selica_rav on 2005.10.31 at 19:44
Current Music: Wig in a box
Poll time it is.

Now, everyone vote for what pisses you off the most. Don't vote for your own suggestion, either, or it won't work. Cheaters.

Poll #602399 Week 1 piss-off
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

What (to you) is the most annoying?

View Answers
Smudged glass.
0 (0.0%)
Air pockets in the crotch of your pants.
2 (40.0%)
Pets named after a different species (a cat named "Raven").
0 (0.0%)
Chewing like a horse.
3 (60.0%)

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Mod Post

Posted by selica_rav on 2005.10.26 at 08:07
Third time I tried to write this... *grumble grumble*

Anyway, this not being a rant, this is Sidney trying to start up a "weekly piss-off", as inspired by Alex.

If some/all of you could comment, just leave me a pet peeve of yours, and after I'll start up a poll so we can vote. And then we'll have our piss-off for this week. And possibly even a banner, if I don't think your choice will be stupidly hard to bannerize.

Anyway, so just leave me a comment, you don't even have to give any explanations, just "Hi, I'm Sidney and I hate smudgy glass."

*fires gun* So.. GO! Now!

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